Quality over Everything!

Nothing should stop you from knowing that your body is a swimsuit body; every body is a summer body, but not all swimsuits are made the same or created equal.

        When looking for a swimsuit we are all targeted by ads for outrageously affordable suits on Instagram, marketed alongside suits that will set you back quite a bit. When it comes to such a small item in your closet, one with the power to affect your confidence and your overall beach outing, we want to help you with your decision about investing in a quality suit. Is it worth it? What is the real difference?

Summer weather doesn’t leave us anymore as we are global for good, we all seek those tropical and Mediterranean spots throughout the year. Now more than ever, we are getting more wear from our swimsuits. Social media has certainly solidified that posting a healthy body image in our skimpiest is the norm whether enjoyed on the beach, at an overseas vacation resort or on our very own home property.

A cheap suit might hold up for 3 months, but it’s like a dress you might buy to go out partying in once, in which case you might not necessarily care about the quality of the fabric. Quality really does matter, particularly with something like a swimsuit, where you need a certain kind of style for your body type. A better quality swimsuit is going to have things like strategic lining in the front crotch area and bust line. If you’re buying a figure control bathing suit, then it’s probably going to be at a higher price point too because of the more dense and stretch-ability of the fabric, additional attention to fabric choice and lining or a style with more seams, ruching or gathering, increasing the quality of fabric total that is required. Adding a belt or revising the leg cut are well thought out decisions to enhance a figure hugging silhouette and the overall luxury of the suit.

Another difference between an expensive and cheap suit is something that is easy to overlook: stitching.The stitching is particularly important with any type of garment with stretch because you need the seam to hold when the fabric stretches. That requires more attention to detail, which requires more time and money, which can result in a more expensive bathing suit. It may seem like a minuscule aspect but it does in fact make a big difference. So yes, it is perhaps worth it to invest in a higher quality swimsuit with a high number of stitches per inch, a solid seam and a sturdy and fashion forward and eco-friendly fabric choice.

We’ll sum up why a little more money goes a long way and will give you that additional benefit/value; 

1.   A lot of attention has gone into the detail and sew-work to make sure your swimsuit fits just right.

2.   The fabric choice is complex to last

3.   Sweatshop free

4.   Reversibility option

5.   Added accouterments - belts, removable straps, storage cloth bag

                  When you're buying that low cost bikini (Walmart, Forever 21, H&M, Fashionnova..) you're endorsing underpaid workers, sweatshops or poor labor laws, and you might actually end up spending more in the long run-as you'd have to buy more bikinis to get the same wearability as our pieces, most likely have to replace it more often due to flimsy fabrics and low quality control. Buying from NBNB means you're not only getting better quality and more quantity for every dollar you spend, but you're also supporting a company whose owners are two women of color whose humane and eco-conscious working conditions concerns are put first. Our bikinis and one piece suits will make you feel serene, beautiful, sexy and free - just like the sea.

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