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13. 12. 2013. Sapphire Technology Incorporated. Ths main purpose of this product is to give better performance for your hardware.. The new Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 is the first of the HD series to have native PCI Express 2. 0 architecture which has the potential of higher clock speeds, more bandwidth and better power efficiency than their counterparts the HD 3600.. Sapphire has just released the Radeon HD 3650 and HD 3670 graphics card. The HD 3650 is the low end of the range, and is meant to compliment the less expensive HD 3650 512MB. The HD 3650 packs 128 stream processors, a 256-bit memory interface, 256MB GDDR3 memory, and a PCI Express 2. 0 slot..Effect of storage at 0 degree C on the radioiodine uptake of thyroid adenomas in thyrotoxic patients. The percentage uptake of radioiodine in thyroid adenomas has been shown to decrease in parallel with the decrease in serum thyroxine levels. The radioiodine uptake of adenomas stored for several days at room temperature (approximately 25 degrees C) is considerably higher than that of fresh adenomas. These studies were conducted to determine if the storage of thyroid adenomas at 0 degrees C would not diminish the uptake of radioiodine in adenomas. Twenty-eight thyrotoxic patients with euthyroid adenomas were studied with radioiodine scans and a sample of adenomas obtained from each patient. The average percentage uptake of radioiodine in the adenomas at 0 degrees C was 67.8% (range 48 to 94%) while it was 59.7% (range 43 to 78%) in adenomas stored at room temperature. In general, this difference was not significant and is too small to be of clinical importance. These results suggest that the storage of thyroid adenomas at 0 degrees C is not necessary for therapy and that most of the patients will receive more radioiodine for their adenomas by storage at 0 degrees C than by storage at room temperature.Q: In Django how to set a parameter equal to a function call I'm trying to assign a parameter to a function call, however the function has to be called twice. When I set the id parameter equal to the function call, it's set correctly. But when I do the same with the.value_list() call, it's set to an empty list. Here's the code def story_list





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